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Picture this. A seven year-old girl sitting downstairs in her family basement, with walls decked out in vintage table-top hockey games and her father obnoxiously yelling at the TV. “SHOOT THE PUCK” were the words first handedly learned. As she observed more on what was occurring between the announcers vigorously yelling on TV about the Battle of Ontario and what the hell her Dad was doing jumping out from his seat on the couch, she soon replicated the act. Before you knew it, this little girl knew any player statistic, watched every televised game and attended several in person, caught puck after puck (20 to be exact) from resilient forward Chris Neil and received her very own authentic jersey…all of her favourite NHL hockey team, the Ottawa Senators.

Fast forward fourteen years. Game day. Toronto Maple Leafs vs the Ottawa Senators. As the whistle blew and morning practice came to an end, I headed into the dressing room along with the rest of the reporters, writers and cameramen. Stepping foot onto the vibrant red carpet (stressfully making sure I avoided stepping onto the centred logo, of course) and seeing some of the players I’ve adamantly watched over the last decade before me, I find the nerve to pinch myself. This is real. This is happening. If you’re thinking I had an obnoxious fan girl moment and asked every single one of the players for their autograph, you’re wrong. If that happened, I probably would have gotten fired. But…if you were to tell seven year-old me that I would one day intern for the Ottawa Senators, I’d probably call you a liar.

The social media landscape has advanced dramatically in the past decade, now playing a prominent role in our social culture and business industries. When it comes to intertwining social media with sports, Forbes best describes it as “the virtual sports bar that fans flock to before, during and after the games.” It wasn’t until I had taken a class offered at Ryerson University called Social and Interactive Media for Sports, when I realized where exactly I wanted to intern and what type of career I wanted to pursue after graduating. Combining hockey and social media was the goldmine for me and made total sense, and so…the internship research began.

Last Fall was when I landed the internship of my dreams. If anyone knows me, they know I love two things: social media and hockey. The internship was just that. The list of duties and key responsibilities consisted of taking part in media availability, assisting with management of Senators social channels, generating and promoting game day content such as editorial, photos, and videos, tracking social media engagement, and above all else, create raving fans. These duties were to take place on game days as well as non-game days as required.

Over the course of my internship, I would tack on other responsibilities. These responsibilities varied from writing articles for the website, taking photos of events at the rink and players at their morning practices, recording audio of and transcribing players in their media scrums as well as coach’s comments, creating and posting real-time game statistics to Twitter, notifying followers with period starts, choosing and contacting social fan contest winners, interviewing players, writing game summaries, assisting with the editing process of videos, and more.

From working the 43 Senators games during my time in Ottawa and magnifying my knowledge on the game of hockey, I’ve definitely learned a number of skills that I can take with me throughout my career journey… The sport media industry is a hard one to crack into; hours are unexpected and long, you need to work from the bottom in order to start doing the fun stuff and confidence and perseverance is key. The industry is constantly changing, always with good intentions in mind, of course. Being a perfectionist is a quality skill to have, it may consume more of your time but it shows that you undoubtedly care. Going off of that note, proceeding any social media strategy or post with high caution is essential as anything can backfire on social media and there’s a massive audience online to devour it up.

The main lesson I learned during this internship is to always challenge yourself. I was able to make this job a more valuable experience because of this as I decided to step foot in different areas on the job, even the ones that I wasn’t very experienced in such as interviewing players and writing articles. I would rather learn and experience many things rather than focus in on just one, that way I’d proceed with more confidence if I ever take part in them again. My first interview was with defensemen, Marc Methot. I had never interviewed anyone before in my career, let alone a professional athlete so you could say I was pretty nervous. We talked about The Bachelor (lol) and guilty pleasures. I’m definitely no Christine Simpson but I’m happy I took on the challenge. After talking with other players afterwards, my confidence levels became higher and each interview got better and better. As they say, practice makes perfect, right? I’m so thankful for my boss often pushing me outside of my comfort zone and having trust in me because of this. If I had stayed under my comfort blanket the entire time, I definitely wouldn’t have learned as much on the job as I did.

Needless to say, interning with the Ottawa Senators has definitely been the highlight of my career thus far. This internship allowed me to experience first-hand what the sport media industry is all about. It’s fast-paced, rapidly changing and ultimately rewarding. I’m able to walk away with more insight and valuable tools in my toolbox that can be highlighted in a resume and put to work in future positions. The most important rule I learned is to never step on the logo in the players dressing room. But besides this… never doubt what you can and cannot do. I quickly noticed how much creativity weighs a heavy role in social media and admired the amount of time and hard work different staff members put towards exceptional pieces of content for fan enjoyment. I was able to witness the good when our social content went viral and did successfully well, as well as the bad when content didn’t have the greatest online reaction. The Ottawa Senators fans are truly a passionate bunch so it was especially fun to be part of the team whose main responsibility was to create raving fans.

Overall, the internship focused my career goals and will consistently drive me towards my next chapter in the sport media industry. Ending my internship with a round one playoff game win was the icing on the cake for me as the fan environment was indescribable and a moment that will stay with me forever. It’s definitely the highlight to look forward to after the hard work everyone puts in all year round. Having to cut my internship short due to future planned vacation was heartbreaking to say the least. However, you best bet, that once seven year-old girl is back at home, cheering on her favourite NHL team, in front of the TV, from the couch, sitting beside her father, vigorously yelling (and probably tweeting) “SHOOT THE PUCK” as the Ottawa Senators head into round two of the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.

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Hi friends!

I am back from my little family Alberta vaca, back to working and just about to start my last year of University (low key freaking out). But before the Summer ends and the school year starts, I wanted to make a post about my amazing time in Alberta. I’ve traveled to Alberta twice before in previous years, but only to visit my sister in Edmonton. This time I was fortunate enough to travel to Edmonton, Canmore and Banff, aka the beautiful land of the ROCKY MOUNTAINS. We passed through Calgary on our road trip from Edmonton to Banff, so I’m not really counting that as a stop.

Where should I even start. After a long day of wedding filming (keep yo eyes peeled for a blog post+video for that wedding soon), my parents, sister, brother-in-law and boyfriend all bunched into a rental van and took off the next morning. The drive was around 4 hours to Canmore, but felt like an hour for me as I was too busy looking at all the wedding footage from the day before on my laptop. I only started to peak my head up from my laptop once the mountains started to become apparent. If you follow me on Snapchat, you knew how excited I was.

Once we got to Canmore, we parked the van and walked around the touristy street while we waited to check into our Airbnb. Canmore is basically known as the quieter and smaller version of Banff, however, still surrounded by the beautiful scenery of mountains. After checking into our Airbnb, we spent the rest of our night enjoying Canmore with dinner and a live band at one of the bars in town.

Our next day we planned to explore the infamous Lake Louise, as well as Moraine Lake in Banff. After reading a ton of Tripadvisor reviews the night before, we left super early at around 6:30am as the tourist traffic tends to be absolutely insane and getting a parking spot would be impossible if you arrived anytime after 9:00am. It took about an hour to drive to Moraine Lake, and sure enough we snatched one of the last parking spots.

Although Moraine Lake isn’t as well known as Lake Louise, it was absolutely breathtaking. In fact, I found it even better than Lake Louise. As we got an early start to scoping out the Lake, we got to see the water’s colour transition from morning to afternoon. It’s true kool-aid blue colour was shown best around noon for us. There are a couple different hikes you can take around Lake Moraine, once in which we started, but underestimated the time it would take to reach the first peak as we still wanted to visit Lake Louise after. We ended up finding the best viewing spot just as we were leaving. We climbed up the rocks that faced the lake, and once at the top welcomed an incredible view of the blue water and mountains surrounding it. It felt like I was looking at a painting and that none of it was real.

Once we were finished at Moraine Lake, we figured we wouldn’t be getting a parking spot at Lake Louise as it was already noon. Once we passed the entrance for Lake Louise, they had already started to block the road off and were pushing people to the overflow parking area. We decided to do Lake Louise the next morning, and to just drive into Banff instead, and so we did. We first went to the Gondola which took us up to the mountains and overlooked another incredible view. I promise the photos I’ve included are not green screened or fake. It truly felt like I was on a different planet. We then spent the rest of our day walking the touristy streets in Banff, eating dinner, and later on drinking and dancing at the Dancing Sasquatch…which you could probably guess did involve a trip to McDonalds right after.

The next (hungover) morning, we left super early again to drive to Lake Louise. One of us may or may not have been car sick from too much drinking the night before (clue: it wasn’t me).  The weather wasn’t the best as it was raining, super foggy and extremely cold. Despite this, we did get a quick glance of Lake Louise (my favourite was still Moraine Lake). We then drove back to Edmonton from Banff, taking a more scenic route which involved the massive Abraham Lake.

Our trip to Banff was short but sweet. We saw and did everything we planned on doing, however I definitely need to go back. The views were spectacular, the company was great and I advise anyone who hasn’t been to go at least once in their lifetime. And if you decide to hit up any of the lakes, GO EARLY.

Peace and Love,


Hi friends,

So I’ve decided to start a little series on my blog, “Canadian Captures”, showcasing some of Canada’s most beautiful spots that I’ve visited and captured on my own camera. As I’ve developed quite the hobby lately for traveling around Ontario and taking pictures, I thought why not? I will be traveling to Edmonton and Banff next week, and I’ve never been more excited to capture some beautiful content.

So with that said, I’ll be kicking this series off with a cute little town called “Elora”, located just north of Geulph, Ontario. As some of you may know, it was my birthday a couple weekends ago and all I wanted to do on my birthday was escape the madness that the city holds, travel up to the Elora Quarry, float around in a donut floatie and drink some beers. And so we did.

When we pulled up to the entrance of the Quarry, it was packed. There were about 15 cars ahead of us on the side of the road, just in line to get into the parking lot. Something we were not aware of was the admission price. The park charges $6 per person for admittance.

There were many families at this spot, some even who brought their own little BBQ’s to BBQ on the beach part of the Quarry. Hiking around the Quarry resulted in stunning views and all around great nature. I wouldn’t rush to go back, however, would definitely suggest anyone who hasn’t been to go for a fun little getaway.

Peace and Love,


I know, my title to this post is really original and clever, you don’t have to tell me. But for realz, I was runnin’ thru the six with my woes when I noticed Toronto’s new hip lakeside patio bar. As this place is conveniently located a short walk down the street from me, you could say this will be my new favourite spot for day and night time drinks. TURN UP (do ppl still say this?)

Anyways, my roomie and I decided to try The Slip out on a hot Wednesday evening for some refreshing drinks, and to our surprise it was packed! We knew this place had opened up just over a month ago, so we were a bit caught off guard to how well they seemed to be doing already, traffic wise. We made a point how when we first noticed it on our commute home awhile back, we couldn’t really find much info online. We tried looking the place up on the Interwebs, more specifically Instagram because they got a suhweet instagrammable neon sign, but to our luck couldn’t find anything. Then about a week later we started seeing an Instagram presence evolve which nowadays, spreads the word like wildfire. So here we were, finally trying this place out for the first time!

The patio is filled with man-made furniture including picnic tables and communal seating booths, stringed lights, a bar and like mentioned, a fab pink neon sign that y’all can insta. I would definitely say the atmosphere is targeted for a younger crowd, like MOI. The Slip menu is quite small some may say, but has just the right amount of crowd summer-snack favourites including tortilla chips, corn, wings, pulled pork, etc. We decided to try the salmon tacos and corn, and were they ever delish.

Overall, The Slip is a pretty rad summer-time spot to hang with your woes, sip on some beers and have a little bite to eat. And guys, did I mention they have a neon sign?!! You’ll probably spot me there quite often before the summer ends (The patio is only open from May-September wah)



You were born wild, darling, raw, untampered, pure and there is that place deep inside you still untouched by the craziness of the world. That is the place we must seek after with our every breath in this day and age. We were never meant to lose touch with our wild. And it’s not so far away. It emerges on your skin, in your eyes, your smile, and your tears every time you don’t pretend. Every time you allow yourself to be. Whatever. As you allow yourself to be, things will get better. You’ll find your wild again. You’ll find your freedom.

-S.C Lourie-