I was runnin’ thru The Slip with my woes!


I know, my title to this post is really original and clever, you don’t have to tell me. But for realz, I was runnin’ thru the six with my woes when I noticed Toronto’s new hip lakeside patio bar. As this place is conveniently located a short walk down the street from me, you could say this will be my new favourite spot for day and night time drinks. TURN UP (do ppl still say this?)

Anyways, my roomie and I decided to try The Slip out on a hot Wednesday evening for some refreshing drinks, and to our surprise it was packed! We knew this place had opened up just over a month ago, so we were a bit caught off guard to how well they seemed to be doing already, traffic wise. We made a point how when we first noticed it on our commute home awhile back, we couldn’t really find much info online. We tried looking the place up on the Interwebs, more specifically Instagram because they got a suhweet instagrammable neon sign, but to our luck couldn’t find anything. Then about a week later we started seeing an Instagram presence evolve which nowadays, spreads the word like wildfire. So here we were, finally trying this place out for the first time!

The patio is filled with man-made furniture including picnic tables and communal seating booths, stringed lights, a bar and like mentioned, a fab pink neon sign that y’all can insta. I would definitely say the atmosphere is targeted for a younger crowd, like MOI. The Slip menu is quite small some may say, but has just the right amount of crowd summer-snack favourites including tortilla chips, corn, wings, pulled pork, etc. We decided to try the salmon tacos and corn, and were they ever delish.

Overall, The Slip is a pretty rad summer-time spot to hang with your woes, sip on some beers and have a little bite to eat. And guys, did I mention they have a neon sign?!! You’ll probably spot me there quite often before the summer ends (The patio is only open from May-September wah)


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