Canadian Captures: Part 2 ~ Banff, Alberta


Hi friends!

I am back from my little family Alberta vaca, back to working and just about to start my last year of University (low key freaking out). But before the Summer ends and the school year starts, I wanted to make a post about my amazing time in Alberta. I’ve traveled to Alberta twice before in previous years, but only to visit my sister in Edmonton. This time I was fortunate enough to travel to Edmonton, Canmore and Banff, aka the beautiful land of the ROCKY MOUNTAINS. We passed through Calgary on our road trip from Edmonton to Banff, so I’m not really counting that as a stop.

Where should I even start. After a long day of wedding filming (keep yo eyes peeled for a blog post+video for that wedding soon), my parents, sister, brother-in-law and boyfriend all bunched into a rental van and took off the next morning. The drive was around 4 hours to Canmore, but felt like an hour for me as I was too busy looking at all the wedding footage from the day before on my laptop. I only started to peak my head up from my laptop once the mountains started to become apparent. If you follow me on Snapchat, you knew how excited I was.

Once we got to Canmore, we parked the van and walked around the touristy street while we waited to check into our Airbnb. Canmore is basically known as the quieter and smaller version of Banff, however, still surrounded by the beautiful scenery of mountains. After checking into our Airbnb, we spent the rest of our night enjoying Canmore with dinner and a live band at one of the bars in town.

Our next day we planned to explore the infamous Lake Louise, as well as Moraine Lake in Banff. After reading a ton of Tripadvisor reviews the night before, we left super early at around 6:30am as the tourist traffic tends to be absolutely insane and getting a parking spot would be impossible if you arrived anytime after 9:00am. It took about an hour to drive to Moraine Lake, and sure enough we snatched one of the last parking spots.

Although Moraine Lake isn’t as well known as Lake Louise, it was absolutely breathtaking. In fact, I found it even better than Lake Louise. As we got an early start to scoping out the Lake, we got to see the water’s colour transition from morning to afternoon. It’s true kool-aid blue colour was shown best around noon for us. There are a couple different hikes you can take around Lake Moraine, once in which we started, but underestimated the time it would take to reach the first peak as we still wanted to visit Lake Louise after. We ended up finding the best viewing spot just as we were leaving. We climbed up the rocks that faced the lake, and once at the top welcomed an incredible view of the blue water and mountains surrounding it. It felt like I was looking at a painting and that none of it was real.

Once we were finished at Moraine Lake, we figured we wouldn’t be getting a parking spot at Lake Louise as it was already noon. Once we passed the entrance for Lake Louise, they had already started to block the road off and were pushing people to the overflow parking area. We decided to do Lake Louise the next morning, and to just drive into Banff instead, and so we did. We first went to the Gondola which took us up to the mountains and overlooked another incredible view. I promise the photos I’ve included are not green screened or fake. It truly felt like I was on a different planet. We then spent the rest of our day walking the touristy streets in Banff, eating dinner, and later on drinking and dancing at the Dancing Sasquatch…which you could probably guess did involve a trip to McDonalds right after.

The next (hungover) morning, we left super early again to drive to Lake Louise. One of us may or may not have been car sick from too much drinking the night before (clue: it wasn’t me).  The weather wasn’t the best as it was raining, super foggy and extremely cold. Despite this, we did get a quick glance of Lake Louise (my favourite was still Moraine Lake). We then drove back to Edmonton from Banff, taking a more scenic route which involved the massive Abraham Lake.

Our trip to Banff was short but sweet. We saw and did everything we planned on doing, however I definitely need to go back. The views were spectacular, the company was great and I advise anyone who hasn’t been to go at least once in their lifetime. And if you decide to hit up any of the lakes, GO EARLY.

Peace and Love,

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